About Long Game Online

Welcome to Long Game Online! Thank you for visiting our site, and coming to learn more about our business. I’m happy that you’re here and would love to share a bit of background.

Our Mission

Long Game Online was founded to help people that are building online businesses. In particular, we’re focused on developing and sharing strategies that will help people to build massive, sustainable businesses online over the long term.

How We Are Different

There is no shortage of advice available these days for people that want to build niche site and newsletter businesses. However, a lot of the advice out there is focused on tips and tricks that will help people to get quick results. The problem is that most of these tricks only work for a short period of time. This is great for the people offering the advice, since it means that their audience will always be searching for the next cool trick. The people taking the advice are almost sure to get frustrated though when they weak foundation they are building on inevitably collapses.

Our advice isn’t geared toward generating impressive short term results. Instead, it’s meant to help people to build real online business on a solid foundation.

Our Team

Ryan Howard, Founder

My name is Ryan Howard and I’ve had a lifelong passion for all things business. After many years of working in traditional roles, I made the leap online in 2017.

To date, my online business experience has been focused on content and media, primarily niche sites and newsletters. I also enjoy analyzing a range of different online business models from a strategic perspective.